KidArtLit Boxes

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KidArtLit has created a magical monthly subscription box for children ages 3-8.

Think: Storytime meets Art Kit - delivered! 

KidArtLit is all about building out the creative space in our homes and families, connecting over beautiful and meaningful children's literature, and raising awesome kids that live by the values we care most about, like kindness, empathy, and curiosity. What's not to love? I'm on board! 


************ WHAT’S INCLUDED IN A BOX ************

● A Thoughtfully-Curated Hardback Picture Book (My kids and I have loved every one!)

● An Open-Ended Art Project (Including All the Supplies You'll Need to Do the Project Twice) —You'll always get a book-inspired art experience that is engaging and fun. Their packages might focus on anything from painting to textile or sculpture, and they are different each month. I liked that there was just enough instruction to get you going with confidence, but the projects were loose and open-ended enough to create a no-fail, stress-free creative bonding time. 

● Our Mini Magazine —KidArtLit was founded by experts in literacy and creative development, and their magazine brings that expertise to your family. We guide you through each step of your project and help you dive deeply into each book.

● A Ready-Set-Go Pack — Each box includes a bonus item or activity that your family can enjoy instantly. This is the most brilliant idea. Do your kids have patience? Mine don't! The SECOND you open that box, your kids can dive into something engaging and easy. This gives you time to check out the book and digest the little magazine so you can act as a better 'guide'. 

● A Supportive Online Community —When you sign up, you get access to their exclusive resource library—and to their online community, where they host photo challenges, live workshops, and share news for creative families. In fact, this November, they've created an awesome Gratitude Guide for families. 



Have questions? Ask me anything! This box is my family’s joy-supply! We dibble and dabble and spread the pleasure out all month long. The projects are process-based and open-ended, so you can shape them to your needs and skill levels - and there are enough supplies to do them TWICE. :-) And the books are so lovingly curated, they build you a wonderful family library of keepsakes you can enjoy nightly! Check it out! 

Heather Anderson