Who can join? 

Any mom of any-aged child (even grown!) in the SF East Bay.

What? Let's break that down: Right now we are located in the San Francisco East Bay. Anyone who fits the following criteria is welcome to join: 

  • lives in or near the East Bay (or is moving there or left her heart there)
  • identifies as female
  • is a mom in some capacity (pregnant or trying to conceive (TTC), biological, step, adoptive, foster, or simply the primary caregiver)

However, if you are a mom outside of the San Francisco East Bay, please do join our mailing list to stay in touch. We'll gladly let you know when we launch other locations.

Note: Lots of moms around the Greater Bay Area are hanging out in the group waiting for the day when we launch other Bay Area sectors, so feel welcome to do that if you're in the other regions of the Bay Area - including the city proper. 


What about dads? 

We care about dads and think they deserve a community as awesome as this one. So a bunch of us moms have temporarily jumped into a group and added our partners and dad friends. As soon as we get several hundred daddies in there, we'll have all the mamas jump out and give the men their man-space! So get in there, dads; The Daddyhood (SF Bay Area)


Why just the East Bay?

We like to keep the conversation as local as possible to create community around a physical and geographical home base - and to facilitate 'real-life' connections via local activities, events, meet-ups, workshops, and interactions with local businesses and resources.

We do also love the aspect of uniting people from all over - so look out of a forthcoming international group via our mailing list!


I've got an awesome product or service that improves mom-lives. How do I reach your mamas?

If you think our mamas would love something you've created, please reach out to me at heather [at] the mamahood [dot] co and we'll see what we can do together! If you're a good fit, we can put together a marketing strategy and potentially get you onto THE LIST - our awesome directory of member-recommended products and services.