The Mamahood

26k mamas in 60+ groups

The Mamahood (TM) consists of 20+ meet-up groups for facilitating hangouts and playdates, and 40+ topic-specific online chat and support groups. We have groups for buying, selling, giving, receiving, and chatting about anything from health and beauty, fashion to finances, to what to watch on TV, to support around postpartum anxiety or depression or parenting children with special needs. You can find all of our subgroups in our handy dandy Member Area.

Join the conversation in our main group called The Mamahood (SF East Bay). You will be asked three screening questions, and when we get your answers, we'll 'accept' you! All we ask is that you read the 'pinned announcement' at the top of the group before posting. 

Sometimes the screening answers don't make it through, so if you think that's happened to you, feel free to PM (private message) me!  Can't wait to see you on the 'inside'! 

- Heather 


Dear CEO,



THE LIST puts you in the pocket of 26,000+ Bay Area moms. 

If your business serves Bay Area families, you should be on THE LIST. Companies must apply through The Mamahood or be recommended by at least one member of The Mamahood. Email heather [at] themamahood [dot] co to apply. 


  • Access to an engaged audience of 26,000 local moms (and growing);

  • Built-in year-round marketing via daily features, discounts, giveaways, reviews, and more;

  • A colorful and dynamic business profile that you control 24/7 on a sleek and smartly organized directory;

  • The ability to create special 'deals' that will be automatically featured for you;

  • The ability to list your own events within The Mamahood's member calendar;

  • Discounts on any additional marketing services. (Email heather [at] themamahood [dot] co (not .com!) for a full list of services.)


THE CLUB: Our answer for ‘mamapreneurs’.

If you’re a mom with a business that serves Bay Area families, join us in THE CLUB - the only club for mamapreneurs that comes with its own built-in audience, and a web platform that makes you instantly discoverable.

THE CLUB is for all the mamas who are doers, dreamers, achievers, big-thinkers. We’re a support system, a sisterhood, a source for connection (virtual and real-life mixers), inspiration, answers, collaboration, camaraderie and resources. And membership includes a profile on THE LIST. Enrollment is currently closed while we get underway (just launched August 2018), but please email heather [at] themamahood [dot] co if you’d like to get on the waitlist for our next enrollment period!

xo Heather