Make someone's rock band dreams come true at ModernTone Studios.

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ModernTone Music Lessons, Gift Certificates, and Recording Sessions!

In my humble (and completely biased) songwriter opinion, the best gift on earth is the gift of musical expression. Everyone has the potential ability inside of them, but many never learn how to express it. And being able to express oneself musically, being able to understand and appreciate music at a deeper level, or being able to play music with others, is a priceless lifelong gift. And a gift that some might say makes life worth living.

So when I heard that Mamahood member, Maayan Tarnopolsky Yaakov, and her husband, Or Yaakov, just launched a state-of-the-art recording and teaching facility in Lafayette, I just had to pay them a visit!

I was extremely impressed by the immaculate and beautifully thought-out facility and Or’s enthusiasm and passion! He’s the toddler-daddy and main founder of ModernTone, as well as the studio’s guitar teacher.

I loved what he said about his teaching process - especially when it comes to teaching children. He works from their dream - and reverse engineers them into it. So if they want to be like Katy Perry, Pink Floyd, or Jack Johnson (for example), he starts with that. I think that’s such a brilliant way to approach lessons and keep a child inspired and engaged.

What does that mean? That means he’ll go and listen to their idol’s entire catalog, and then analyze it and break it down behind the scenes into teachable bits. So when they learn a certain ‘arpeggio’ - it’s not going to be just any old arpeggio - it’s going to be that one that Jack Johnson uses in their favorite song. And so on. Love it!

I asked him if he could please make me the next Ed Sheeran. He said he’s turning a few people into him now and will see what he can do! ;-) We’ll keep you posted...I only need ONE Ed-sized hit, right? Shouldn’t be too hard!

A perfect gift for yourself or anyone on your list ages 6-99!

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