Ever wish you had a personal chef in your pocket? This is seriously cool.

Do you believe in manifestation? What are your thoughts on serendipity?

Well, I live and die by both. And it may have been pure serendipity that I happened to meet Jason Brown the other day.

But between us, I think I might’ve manifested him! ;-) 

So let’s back up! You might have seen me raving about my delivery meal service for the last two years - SunBasket. And if you want to make incredible, healthy meals from around the globe for your family, I highly recommend them. You can even use my link for three free meals to try it out!

However, after a recent period of mandatory bed rest, my partner was so busy just getting our three kids to and from their various schools and extracurriculars, that there was no way he could keep up with the meal prep. (And when I say ‘busy’, read: losing his MIND.)

When this has happened in the past, we’ve usually gifted the meals to neighbors and friends - but we were so discombobulated, we didn’t even manage that….and I hate to admit it, but a LOT of amazing organic ingredients went sadly to waste in our kitchen that month. And it’s not like we have cash to burn. Did I mention we’re both ‘self-employed’ by passion projects? Another euphemism, if you catch my drift. 

So I was lying in bed thinking: If ONLY there were someone who could just come over and cook dinner for us!

Because that would be DREAMY!

We had the ingredients! But no time. And no energy. We literally ate Wendy's with grass-fed beef going bad in the fridge.

Of course, I'd never heard of a magical on-call chef who could just pop in and cook dinner, so we resorted to composting the ingredients that were beyond salvaging...and ordering a LOT of delivery pizza. A LOT.

A week later, I’m in a cafe (making a new rad Mamahood friend!), and I absentmindedly left my laptop unattended on a table near the door when grabbing my coffee.  

Enter: Jason (who’d been sitting to my left).

He waves down my new friend and guards it til she comes back.  Then he warns us both that he'd witnessed a scary laptop theft in the same spot a week ago - snatched right from the hands of the person working on it!

I thanked him...we started chatting...and lo and behold….he told me about his amazing 2-year-old startup that sends chefs into people’s homes to help with meal prep. Wait - WHAT!?

And I didn’t manifest this encounter on my own. He’d been dreaming of something too! He’d been dreaming about finding a moms' group in the East Bay who 'got' his vision. No kidding.

Enter: ME and The Mamahood.

This is no high-priced fancy personal chef situation either. This is all about your regular home-cooked family meals and a chef you can schedule at super reasonable hourly rates to come into your home and either prep recipes for the week to be finished later - or cook them right up, then and there. Whatever you need!

He was originally inspired by cooking for a loved one who’d fallen ill. He was thinking, on the days where I can’t cook for her, I wish I could send over someone who could! But there wasn't anyone to send. And bam! PocketChefs was born.

He envisions his company being a great resource for moms who are too busy, too tired, too stressed, coming home too late from work, or who are healing from surgery, birth, or are experiencing any of the million other reasons a mom might need help preparing healthy home-cooked food for her family. (Like maybe because she's blogging about chefs or running The Mamahood - or something, dunno.)

 As you might guess: I am totally on board with this vision!

And so we talked for hours and decided to team up on spreading the word!

Here’s how it works! You schedule a chef for two-hour sessions. In those two hours, they can generally whip out 3-4 different cooked meals that can be reheated and eaten throughout the week - and more if you need them to! If you need them to stay longer, you can add on to their session at a discounted hourly rate of only $20/hr! They can also prep fresh foods like salads. 

A one-time two-hour booking is just $69. Or you can buy a four-pack of 2-hr sessions for $249 (most popular). Think: Every Sunday afternoon someone does your meal-prep!? AMAZING.

As soon as you book, the chef reaches out to you to see which recipe(s) you prefer. And as soon as you agree on something, they shoot you a grocery list. You shop for the ingredients you want. They show up and make it!

As an exclusive TM welcome incentive, Jason is gifting Mamahood members Visa Gift cards to use towards your grocery shopping (or really - whatever you want)!

If you use our "Mamahood" code, they'll mail you a $25 card for a single 2-hour booking ($69), and a $65 gift card if you book a 4-pack of 2-hour sessions ($249)!

(The 2-hour appts don’t have to be weekly either, you can schedule them however you need.)

I’m having them come to my house soon - so stay tuned for pics and video of this in action, cuz it’s going down!

To get your gift cards: Use promo code MAMAHOOD when you book here: www.pocketchefs.com

PS. New inside joke: Between two of our Mamahood partners, I’ve almost outsourced this mom-job! SitterFriends plays with your littles, while PocketChefs whips up dinner! OH YEAH. Leaves us a lot more time to love those crazy littles and savor the good stuff!

Next on my list: Home organizer.

Heather Anderson