Empower a Little Girl With This Ground-Breaking Coloring Book

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What TM Member, Melissa Foley, is working on has got me all excited!  Honestly, when I first checked out her website, I got a little teary-eyed (in a good way)!

 She’s just launched Hopscotch Girls, a progressive media company dedicated to empowering girls. HG believes in strong female role models, reinforcing a healthy body image, inspiring confidence, and encouraging STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills.

 What’s not to like about that, right?

 And just in time for holiday shopping, they’ve created their first adorable (and strong and inspiring) product - a coloring book designed to build confidence in girls age 3-8, while giving them an opportunity to express themselves creatively.


 This groundbreaking coloring book is all about building a girl’s confidence, imagination, and spirit! The 22+ coloring pages encourage girls to think beyond social conventions and inspire conversations with adults about what it really means to be confident, brave, and beautiful.

Features & highlights:

  • Whimsical black and white line drawings exploring concepts like bravery, beauty, strength, creativity, independence and more

  • Positive, educational and fun – a great gift for any girl

  • Based on studies showing that coloring books can combat stereotypes and positively impact girls’ interest in things like science

This is the "curious" mantra page colored in. :-) 

This is the "curious" mantra page colored in. :-) 

Buy it on Amazon now and support a fellow mama in her dream to empower all of our little girls.

Click this front cover to check it out on Amazon.com 

Click this front cover to check it out on Amazon.com 

Heather Anderson